Naam :Ed Norvell
Clubs :Kent, Werkendam, Den Bosch, Almere, Nijmegen,
Over :

Hello everybody,

My name is Ed Norvell and i am born in the USA on november 5th 1976. I started playing basketball when i was ........


Went to Kent in 1995 and played there for 4 years

I am the top assist man in school history and after school i went to play professional
basketball in Europe.

My first year i played in Werkendam and after that i played for Den Bosch and Almere. With Almere we reached the finals of the dutch playoffs and lost to Eifel Towers Nijmegen.


Right now i am living in Belgium waiting for next season to continue my career. I have been playing top level basketball here in europe for over 11 years


Over the years i have been giving clinics to the youth and i did that with a lot of joy
and its really great to see young players having fun on the court and to teach
them the right things about basketball. I hope to bring some of that enthousiasm
to the kids who attend the SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMP!!!!!


Get Ready for some action in july and august!!!!!!




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